Scent Descriptions

Apple Butter Harvest:  delicious scent of homemade applebutter with heavy notes of cinnamon ‘n spice
Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie: an aromatic blend of apple butter ‘n pumpkin pie with just a hint of spice
Banana Nut Bread:  just like fresh baked loaves of banana nut bread, fresh from the oven
Blackberry Pie:  deep berrie aroma bubbling over a homemade pie crust
Blueberry Cobbler:  ol fashioned cobbler, ripe berries, sugar & butter, cooling on the window sill
Bourbon Roasted Pecans:  a hearty scent of candied pecans & bourbonperfect blend, so rich
Buttercream Frosting:  just like the name says…it’s a perfect match to the sweet frosting everyone loves
Candy Corn:  imagine that perfect smell, as you open your first bag in the early fall
Christmas Cookies:  simple sugar based cookie with just the right amount of butter n sugar, perfectly sweet
Christmas Tree:  fresh cut balsam pine, just like walking thru the pine thicket
Cinnamon Bun:  perfect balance of sweet cream ‘n vanilla
Cinnamon Cider: fresh mulled cider, mingling with an abundance of cinnamon sticks
Clove n Spice:  spicy aromatic blend of clove n spices..just like an old fashioned store spice bin
Country Berry Hotcakes:  fresh berries atop buttermilk pancakes
Country Cider n Sticks:  crisp scent of cider with hints of wassail spices
Cranberry:  tart n full bodied cranberry, great year round but oh so perfect at Christmas
Crème Brulee:  the best blend of vanilla bean and sweet cream come together for this perfect scent
Dough Bowl:  spicy cake batter just like great grandma made at the ol farmhouse
Farmhouse Kitchen:  warm n sweet scent fresh baked, just like a homemade pie
From the Farmstead:  perfect blend of old fashioned applebutter, spices and fresh baked pies
Gingerbread House:  memories of makin that lil house with your family at Christmas time, just like Hansel n Gretel
Hearthside:  the comforting scent of a warm cozy fireplace, smells just like a wood fire
Hillbilly Cider:  A spicy apple scent with lots of cider undertones…a flavorful blend from the hills n hollers
Hot Baked Apple Pie:  just like fresh cut apples ‘n cinnamon simmering in butter
Hot Maple Toddy:  maple ‘n honey blended just perfect with warm spirits
Lemon Sweet Cakes:  sweet, tangy buttery lemon scent that smells just like the name
Log Cabin:  memories of the walks around the old cabin in the pine thicket
Ma’s Cornbread:  fresh baked with just a lil twist of cinnamon, mamma used to spoon it in the cast iron pan
Maple n Brown Sugar:  the sweet smell of maple syrup & brown sugar, a cozy and warm fragrance..oh so yummy
Mulberry:  sweet n tart perfect mulberry scent, another great year round scent but definitely perfect for Christmas
Ol Fashioned Peppermint:  refreshing scent of peppermint candy fills the air with this fragrance..a Christmas favorite

Ol Sap Bucket:  Fresh from the Vermont Maple trees, sweet, rich & buttery, my personal favorite, the best maple syrup scent around
Orange n Clove:  perfect blend of orange n clove, like walking into an old country store
Orange Slice:  just like peeling a fresh orange…very clean and refreshing scent
Pumpkin Pie n Spice:  a delicious combination of pumpkin pie spices and flaky homemade crust n fresh pumpkin
Snickerdoodle:  vanilla cookie dough rolled in sugar and dusted in sugar n cinnamon
Snow Cream:  mix a little snow, vanilla and sugar…perfect old fashioned treat
Sugar Cookies:  warm buttery aroma that smells just like home baked cookies
Toasted Marshamallow:  roasting marshmallows over a campfire
Vanilla Beans:  fresh vanilla beans, oh so sweet and warm
Vanilla Latte:  perfect blend of coffee, vanilla and cream…an addictive fragrance
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